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Aluminum Composite Panel

The first ever Aluminum Composite Material Panel produced for the DIY industry. Commonly referred to as ACM, Perfek Panel is now available to the general public, the everyday handyman, and the weekend warrior who until now had to depend on plywood for those DIY projects. Now you have an option that can replace plywood, and it never rots. It’s also available in two premium finishes by a DIY leader VALSPAR.
It’s about time all of the DIY folks have a quality alternative to plywood for a professional project you put your hard work and valuable time in.

Rout It, Bend It, Build It!
PerfekPanel comes in 2 thicknesses and 2 colors:

PerfekPanel 4mm

Our 4mm is available in 4x8 panels. They are coated with a white VALSPAR finish with primer on the back, or an attractive brushed silver also with primer on the reverse side. Both colors have protective film on the painted side for removal upon completion of your project.

You can use the woodworking tools you may already have to cut, route and shape the panels to your project specification. The 4mm Perfek Panel may also be routed, or grooved on one side and then bent. That’s right, you can even bend it. Try that with plywood! You can bend to 90 degree angles and even more. Make a box, a dog house. Use it for doors, walls, or subflooring in wet areas. You can nail it, screw it, or even glue it with silicone or other strong adhesives.

PerfekPanel Lite 3mm

If you don’t need to bend the panel for your project, then the 3mm Perfek Panel may be right for your special project. It can also be cut and routed with everyday woodworking tools. It is also available in VALSPAR white, or brushed silver with a primer on the back.

Both have protective film on the painted side to keep you from scratching the panel until the project is complete. After complete, remove the film for a perfect finish.

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